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Vintage 1970's CAMILLUS No. 7
  • 1970's No. CAMILLUS Vintage Stag Folding Knife 7 Indian Cam-Lok Hunting The " " " Hunting " The 1970's 7 Knife Indian Folding No. Cam-Lok Vintage CAMILLUS Stag
  • $45.00
Vintage Camillus USA
  • Camillus "Sword USA Vintage Handle Knife. Brand" Stag # Used! Model "Cam-Loc" 7 7 Used! "Cam-Loc" Model Camillus Brand" Stag Knife. "Sword # Vintage USA Handle
  • $49.99
Camillus Knife The Cam-Lok No.7 Folding Lock Knife U.S.A. Intro With Packaging
  • Knife Cam-Lok The Camillus With Packaging No.7 Intro Knife Lock Folding U.S.A. U.S.A. Folding Lock Knife No.7 Intro Packaging Cam-Lok Knife Camillus The With
  • $125.00
  • $119.00
Camillus Bayonet CAM1A1  with sheath and wire cutters
  • Bayonet CAM1A1 Camillus with wire and sheath cutters cutters sheath and Bayonet with wire Camillus CAM1A1
  • $279.99
RARE BK&T Camillus CAM1A1 Bayonet Scabbard Fixed Knife NOS! 1st Production USA
  • BK&T CAM1A1 Camillus RARE Production USA Bayonet 1st Knife Fixed Scabbard NOS! NOS! Scabbard Fixed BK&T Bayonet 1st USA CAM1A1 Knife RARE Camillus Production
  • $650.00
Scarce FIRST PRODUCTION RUN Camillus CAM1A1 Bayonet with Wire Cutter
  • FIRST RUN PRODUCTION Scarce Camillus Cutter with Bayonet CAM1A1 Wire Wire CAM1A1 Bayonet FIRST Camillus Cutter RUN with Scarce PRODUCTION
  • $430.00
Camillus #7 Locking Knife Sword Brand 1973 Cam-Lok Safety Intro W/Packaging NOS
  • #7 Knife Locking Camillus W/Packaging NOS Sword Intro Cam-Lok 1973 Brand Safety Safety Brand 1973 #7 Sword Intro NOS Knife Cam-Lok Camillus Locking W/Packaging
  • $119.99
Camillus #7 Cam Lok Knife Sword Brand 1970's Indian Stag Handles W/Packaging NOS
  • #7 Lok Cam Camillus Handles W/Packaging Knife Stag 1970's NOS Brand Sword Indian Indian NOS Sword Brand #7 Knife Stag W/Packaging Lok 1970's Camillus Cam Handles
  • $399.99
Camillus 7 Cam-Lok Knife Slanted Bolsters Indian Stag Handles W/Packaging,Papers
  • 7 Knife Cam-Lok Camillus Slanted W/Packaging,Papers Stag Indian Bolsters Handles Handles Bolsters Indian 7 Slanted W/Packaging,Papers Knife Stag Camillus Cam-Lok
  • $299.99
Camillus Cam-Lok #7 Locking Safety Knife Sword Brand
  • Cam-Lok Locking #7 Camillus Safety Brand Sword Knife Knife Sword Cam-Lok Safety Locking Brand Camillus #7
  • $75.00
 Camillus N.Y. USA Cam-Lok Hunter Bowie Pocket Knife Case #7 Free Ship
  • N.Y. Cam-Lok USA ┬áCamillus Free Ship Hunter #7 Knife Pocket Bowie Case Case Bowie Pocket N.Y. Hunter #7 Ship Cam-Lok Knife ┬áCamillus USA Free
  • $80.00
Camillus Cam-Lok #7 Locking Safety Knife Sword Brand W/ Packaging
  • Cam-Lok Locking #7 Camillus Safety Packaging Brand Sword Knife W/ W/ Knife Sword Cam-Lok Safety Packaging Locking Brand Camillus #7
  • $129.00
Camillus CAM-LOK Knife #7 switch lock Circa~ 1970's
  • CAM-LOK #7 Knife Camillus switch 1970's Circa~ lock lock Circa~ CAM-LOK switch #7 1970's Camillus Knife
  • $165.00
Camillus #7 Knife USA Cam-Lok Sword Brand 1970's Indian Stag Handles Gently Used
  • #7 USA Knife Camillus Handles Gently Cam-Lok Stag 1970's Used Brand Sword Indian Indian Used Sword Brand #7 Cam-Lok Stag Gently USA 1970's Camillus Knife Handles
  • $199.99
Camillus #7 Cam Lok Knife & Sheath 4-1/2
  • #7 Lok Cam Camillus & Papers Knife W/Packaging 4-1/2" Rare Sheath & Circa-1970's Circa-1970's Rare & Sheath #7 Knife W/Packaging Papers Lok 4-1/2" Camillus Cam &
  • $349.99
Camillus #7 Cam-Lok Knife pocket knife
  • #7 Knife Cam-Lok Camillus pocket knife knife #7 pocket Knife Camillus Cam-Lok
  • $78.99
Vintage Camillus No. 7 Cam-Lok Sword Brand Hand Made New York USA Knife
  • Camillus 7 No. Vintage York USA Cam-Lok New Hand Knife Brand Sword Made Made Knife Sword Brand Camillus Cam-Lok New USA 7 Hand Vintage No. York
  • $110.00
 ONE of a Kind PROTOTYPE BK&T Camillus CAM1A1 Bayonet Scabbard Wire Cutter
  • of Kind a ONE Wire Cutter PROTOTYPE Scabbard CAM1A1 Camillus BK&T Bayonet Bayonet BK&T Camillus of PROTOTYPE Scabbard Cutter Kind CAM1A1 ONE a Wire
  • $1,999.99
Camillus #7 Cam-Lok Knife USA Sword Brand Indian Stag Handles W/Package,Papers
  • #7 Knife Cam-Lok Camillus W/Package,Papers USA Handles Indian Brand Sword Stag Stag Sword Brand #7 USA Handles Knife Indian Camillus Cam-Lok W/Package,Papers
  • $369.99
1975 Model 7 Camillus N. Y. USA Cam Lock Hunter Bowie Pocket Knife Pat. Pending
  • Model Camillus 7 1975 Bowie Pocket Pat. Pending N. Hunter Cam Knife USA Y. Lock Lock Knife Y. USA Model N. Pat. Hunter Pocket Pending Camillus Cam 1975 7 Bowie
  • $60.00
Camillus Cam-Lok #7 Locking Safety Knife Sword Brand W/ Packaging New Open NOS
  • Cam-Lok Locking #7 Camillus New Open Safety Packaging Brand NOS Sword Knife W/ W/ NOS Knife Sword Cam-Lok Safety Packaging Open Locking Brand Camillus #7 New
  • $133.00
Camillus 7 Sword Brand Knife 1970's Cam-Lok Patent Pending USA Design W/Package
  • 7 Brand Sword Camillus Design W/Package Knife USA Patent Cam-Lok 1970's Pending Pending 1970's Cam-Lok 7 Knife USA W/Package Brand Patent Camillus Sword Design
  • $299.99
Camillus Cam