Gold Multi Color Gem Sale

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Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet ,14k Yellow Gold Lobster Lock, 7 1/4
  • Gemstone ,14k Bracelet Multi-Color " Long Yellow 1/4 Lock, Lobster Gold 7 7 Gold Lobster Gemstone Yellow 1/4 Long ,14k Lock, Multi-Color Bracelet "
  • $77.00
Multi-Color Gemstone Tennis Rainbow Bracelet  Real 925 Sterling Silver 4mm
  • Gemstone Rainbow Tennis Multi-Color 4mm Bracelet Silver 925 Real Sterling Sterling Real Gemstone Bracelet Silver Rainbow 925 Multi-Color Tennis 4mm
  • $79.99
Multi-Color Gemstone Double Layer 6 3/4
  • Gemstone Layer Double Multi-Color Lobster Lock 6 Gold ,14k "Bracelet 3/4 Yellow Yellow 3/4 "Bracelet Gemstone 6 Gold Lock Layer ,14k Multi-Color Double Lobster
  • $149.00
10 K Gold Multi Color Gem Stone Pendant
  • K Multi Gold 10 Color Pendant Stone Gem Gem Stone K Color Multi Pendant 10 Gold
  • $100.00
  • $44.98
Multi-color Gemstones 16
  • Gemstones "Necklace 16 Multi-color 14k Chain Gold Yellow Yellow Gold Gemstones 14k "Necklace Chain Multi-color 16
  • $119.00
Multi-Color 18K Gold-plated Fashion Handmade Gemstone Drop Dangle Earrings
  • 18K Fashion Gold-plated Multi-Color Handmade Dangle Drop Gemstone Earrings Earrings Gemstone Drop 18K Handmade Fashion Dangle Multi-Color Gold-plated
  • $18.98
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet 3 mm 14 k Yellow Gold Lobster Lock, 7.5
  • Gemstone 3 Bracelet Multi-Color Lock, 7.5 Long mm Lobster Yellow " k 14 Gold Gold " 14 k Gemstone mm Long Lobster 7.5 3 Yellow Multi-Color Bracelet Lock,
  • $86.00
Pretty Yellow Gold Plated 3 Multi-Color Round Gem 22mm Huggie Hoop Earrings
  • Yellow Plated Gold Pretty Hoop Earrings 3 Huggie Gem Round Multi-Color 22mm 22mm Multi-Color Round Yellow 3 Huggie Earrings Plated Gem Pretty Gold Hoop
  • $8.95
.925 Gold Plated Multi-color Gemstone Bracelet w/ 3 Diamond Chips
  • Gold Multi-color Plated .925 Gemstone Chips 3 w/ Bracelet Diamond Diamond Bracelet w/ Gold Gemstone Chips Multi-color 3 .925 Plated
  • $9.99
Medium Huggie Earring with Diamond & Multi Color Gem Stones in 14k Gold (D 0.02)
  • Huggie with Earring Medium in 14k (D 0.02) Diamond Stones Color Gold Multi & Gem Gem Gold & Multi Huggie Diamond (D Stones 14k 0.02) with Color Medium Earring in
  • $189.00
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet ,14k Yellow Gold Lobster Lock, 7 1/2
  • Gemstone ,14k Bracelet Multi-Color Long Yellow 1/2" Lock, Lobster Gold 7 7 Gold Lobster Gemstone Yellow 1/2" ,14k Lock, Multi-Color Bracelet Long
  • $115.00
Dainty 18k Gold Filled Coin Charm Rustic Medallion Pendant for Necklace Bracelet
  • 18k Filled Gold Dainty Necklace Bracelet Coin for Medallion Rustic Charm Pendant Pendant Charm Rustic 18k Coin for Bracelet Filled Medallion Dainty Gold Necklace
  • $9.99
18K Rose gold Solid Multi-color oval Gemstone Women's Tennis bracelet 5A
  • Rose Solid gold 18K 5A Multi-color bracelet Women's Gemstone oval Tennis Tennis oval Gemstone Rose Multi-color bracelet Solid Women's 18K gold 5A
  • $13.19
15mm Multi Color Gemstone Huggie Hoop Earrings White Gold Filled Jewelry
  • Multi Gemstone Color 15mm Jewelry Huggie Filled White Earrings Hoop Gold Gold Hoop Earrings Multi Huggie Filled Gemstone White 15mm Color Jewelry
  • $14.99
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet With 14k Yellow Gold 7
  • Gemstone With Bracelet Multi-Color 14k 7" Gold Yellow Long Long Yellow Gold Gemstone 14k With 7" Multi-Color Bracelet
  • $209.00
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet ,14k Yellow Gold Lobster Lock, 8
  • Gemstone ,14k Bracelet Multi-Color Yellow Long Lock, Lobster Gold 8" 8" Gold Lobster Gemstone Yellow Long ,14k Lock, Multi-Color Bracelet
  • $115.00
multi-color genuine gemstone tennis bracelet in 14k gold over sterling silver
  • genuine tennis gemstone multi-color silver bracelet sterling gold 14k in over over in 14k genuine bracelet sterling tennis gold multi-color gemstone silver
  • $29.00
14K White Gold Mystic Rainbow Topaz 11ct Tennis Bracelet Adjustable 7
  • White Mystic Gold 14K 7"-9" ITALY Rainbow Adjustable Tennis 11ct Topaz Bracelet Bracelet Topaz 11ct White Rainbow Adjustable ITALY Mystic Tennis 14K Gold 7"-9"
  • $9.99
Xmas Round Cut Multi-Color Dainty Gemstone 18K Gold Plated Tennis Bracelet
  • Round Multi-Color Cut Xmas Bracelet Dainty Tennis Gold 18K Gemstone Plated Plated Gemstone 18K Round Dainty Tennis Multi-Color Gold Xmas Cut Bracelet
  • $8.29
Nose Rings Hoop Black Gold Multi Color And Silver With Clear Gem 4pc 20g 5/16
  • Rings Black Hoop Nose Clear Gem 20g 5/16 Gold With And 4pc Color Multi Silver Silver 4pc Multi Color Rings Gold 20g With Gem 5/16 Black And Nose Hoop Clear
  • $7.81
14K White Gold Multi-color Gemstone with 2 inch extention Necklace
  • White Multi-color Gold 14K Gemstone Necklace inch 2 with extention extention with 2 White Gemstone Necklace Multi-color inch 14K Gold
  • $311.97
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet ,14k Rose Gold 7
  • Gemstone ,14k Bracelet Multi-Color Rose Long 7" Gold Gold 7" Gemstone Rose ,14k Long Multi-Color Bracelet
  • $229.00
Multi-Color Gemstone Double Layer 7
  • Gemstone Layer Double Multi-Color Lock 7" Lobster Yellow ,14k Bracelet Gold Gold Bracelet ,14k Gemstone 7" Lobster Layer Yellow Multi-Color Double Lock
  • $199.00
multi color gem stone 14 kt gold bracelet
  • color stone gem multi 14 bracelet gold kt kt gold color 14 stone bracelet multi gem
  • $588.00
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet ,14k Yellow Gold Lobster Lock, 7
  • Gemstone ,14k Bracelet Multi-Color Long Yellow " Lock, Lobster Gold 7 7 Gold Lobster Gemstone Yellow " ,14k Lock, Multi-Color Bracelet Long
  • $99.00
Gold Multi-Color Stone Bracelet 14K Yellow Gold 7.9g Sz:6.8
  • Multi-Color Bracelet Stone Gold 14K (FCO006010) 7.9g Gold Yellow Sz:6.8" Sz:6.8" Yellow Gold Multi-Color 14K (FCO006010) Bracelet 7.9g Gold Stone
  • $549.99
Multi-Color Gemstone 8
  • Gemstone Bracelet,14k 8" Multi-Color Lock White Lobster Chain Cable Gold & & Gold Cable Gemstone White Lobster Bracelet,14k Chain Multi-Color 8" Lock
  • $255.00
Multi-Color Gemstone 7
  • Gemstone Bracelet,14k 7" Multi-Color Lock Yellow Lobster Chain Cable Gold & & Gold Cable Gemstone Yellow Lobster Bracelet,14k Chain Multi-Color 7" Lock
  • $125.00
925 Sterling Gold Plated Real Diamond Accent & Multi-Color Gem Link Bracelet 7
  • Sterling Plated Gold 925 Link Bracelet Real Gem & 7" Accent Diamond Multi-Color Multi-Color 7" Diamond Accent Sterling Real Gem Bracelet Plated & 925 Gold Link
  • $58.99
Multi Color PRECIOUS STONE 14kt Gold Band / 22 Diamonds
  • Color STONE PRECIOUS Multi 14kt Diamonds / Band Gold 22 22 Gold Band Color 14kt Diamonds STONE / Multi PRECIOUS
  • $923.10
14K Yellow Gold Multi-Color Stone Bracelet
  • Yellow Multi-Color Gold 14K Stone Bracelet Bracelet Yellow Stone Multi-Color 14K Gold
  • $669.00
Natural Hematite Rounded Cube Silver Gold Multi-color Beads 16“ 2mm 3mm 4mm
  • Hematite Cube Rounded Natural 3mm 4mm Silver 2mm Beads Multi-color Gold 16“ 16“ Gold Multi-color Hematite Silver 2mm 4mm Cube Beads Natural Rounded 3mm
  • $4.98
Multi-Color 7.18ct Gemstone Pendant, 14K Yellow Gold & Diamonds 0.05ct
  • 7.18ct Pendant, Gemstone Multi-Color 14K 0.05ct & Gold Yellow Diamonds Diamonds Yellow Gold 7.18ct 14K 0.05ct Pendant, & Multi-Color Gemstone
  • $375.00
Tiger Eye Pendant with Multi-Color Gemstone 14k Yellow Gold
  • Eye with Pendant Tiger Multi-Color Yellow 14k Gemstone Gold Gold Gemstone 14k Eye Multi-Color with Yellow Tiger Pendant
  • $325.00
10k Yellow Gold Multi Color Gemstone Bracelet (11-16-18)
  • Yellow Multi Gold 10k Color (11-16-18) Bracelet Gemstone Gemstone Bracelet Yellow Color Multi (11-16-18) 10k Gold
  • $250.00
925 Silver Gold Plated Real Multi-Color Gemstone Wide Cluster Ring Size 7
  • Silver Plated Gold 925 Size 7 Real Ring Wide Gemstone Multi-Color Cluster Cluster Multi-Color Gemstone Silver Real Ring 7 Plated Wide 925 Gold Size
  • $46.99
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet ,14k Yellow Gold Lobster Lock,9 Inches
  • Gemstone ,14k Bracelet Multi-Color Yellow Lock,9 Lobster Gold Inches Inches Gold Lobster Gemstone Yellow ,14k Lock,9 Multi-Color Bracelet
  • $495.00
14K Yellow Gold Natural Multi-color Stone Bracelet
  • Yellow Natural Gold 14K Multi-color Bracelet Stone Stone Bracelet Yellow Multi-color Natural 14K Gold
  • $545.00
Multi Color Rainbow Round Hoop Earrings 14K White Gold Filled with Swarovski
  • Color Round Rainbow Multi with Swarovski Hoop Filled White 14K Earrings Gold Gold Earrings 14K Color Hoop Filled Swarovski Round White Multi Rainbow with
  • $9.99
14K Yellow Gold Multi Color Gemstone Necklace
  • Yellow Multi Gold 14K Color Necklace Gemstone Gemstone Necklace Yellow Color Multi 14K Gold
  • $299.99
14K White Gold Multi-Color Gemstone Necklace 18 Inches
  • White Multi-Color Gold 14K Gemstone Inches 18 Necklace Necklace 18 White Gemstone Multi-Color Inches 14K Gold
  • $599.99
Multi-color natural gem ring in 925 solid sterling silver, 14k gold coated
  • natural ring gem Multi-color gold coated in 14k sterling solid 925 silver, silver, 925 solid natural in 14k coated ring sterling Multi-color gem gold
  • $56.00
1 1/2
  • 1/2" Gold Drop 1 Seed Bead Turquoise Dangle Chip Earring Stone Color Handmade Handmade Earring Color Stone 1/2" Turquoise Dangle Bead Gold Chip 1 Drop Seed
  • $6.99
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet ,14k Yellow Gold Bars & Lobster Lock, 7 1/2
  • Gemstone ,14k Bracelet Multi-Color 7 1/2" Yellow Lock, & Long Bars Gold Lobster Lobster Long Gold Bars Gemstone Yellow Lock, 1/2" ,14k & Multi-Color Bracelet 7
  • $500.00
Beautiful Faceted 10mm Multi Color Gemstone Station Yellow Gold Bracelet
  • Faceted Multi 10mm Beautiful Color Bracelet Yellow Station Gemstone Gold Gold Gemstone Station Faceted Color Bracelet Multi Yellow Beautiful 10mm
  • $137.90
NEW Rose Gold Multi-Color Gem Bracelet
  • Rose Multi-Color Gold NEW Gem Bracelet Bracelet Rose Gem Multi-Color NEW Gold
  • $24.95
Multi-Color Gemstone 71/2
  • Gemstone Bracelet,14k 71/2" Multi-Color Yellow Lock Lobster Gold Gold Lobster Gemstone Yellow Bracelet,14k Lock Multi-Color 71/2"
  • $549.00
14k Solid Yellow Gold Multi-color Stone Long Necklace
  • Solid Gold Yellow 14k Multi-color Necklace Long Stone Stone Long Solid Multi-color Gold Necklace 14k Yellow
  • $489.00
Multi-Color  5x7 mm Gem Stone  Pendant  14k White Gold 1'' Long
  • mm 5x7 Multi-Color White Gold Long Gem 14k Pendant 1'' Stone 1'' Stone Gem Long 14k Gold mm Pendant Multi-Color 5x7 White
  • $211.75
14k Yellow Gold Multi-color Stone Long Necklace
  • Yellow Multi-color Gold 14k Stone Necklace Long Long Necklace Yellow Stone Multi-color 14k Gold
  • $615.00
14 k Yellow Gold Multi-Color Gemstone Mother's Ring Size 8
  • k Gold Yellow 14 Multi-Color 8 Ring Mother's Gemstone Size Size Gemstone Mother's k Multi-Color 8 Gold Ring 14 Yellow
  • $299.00
14k Yellow Gold Multi Color Cabochon Gemstone Pendant 1.4 ct TCW
  • Yellow Multi Gold 14k TCW Color ct Pendant Gemstone Cabochon 1.4 1.4 Cabochon Gemstone Yellow Color ct Multi Pendant 14k Gold TCW
  • $199.00
  • $29.99
10K Yellow Gold Multi Color Green Gemstone and Diamond Pendant with Chain New
  • Yellow Multi Gold 10K with Chain Color Pendant and New Gemstone Green Diamond Diamond New Green Gemstone Yellow Color Pendant Chain Multi and 10K Gold with
  • $269.00
14k Gold Multi Color Gemstone Heart Pendant
  • Gold Color Multi 14k Gemstone Pendant Heart Heart Pendant Gold Gemstone Color 14k Multi
  • $235.00
14k Yellow Gold Multi color stone necklace 16
  • Yellow Multi Gold 14k color 16" necklace stone stone necklace Yellow color Multi 16" 14k Gold
  • $540.00
Wrapped Multi-color Sea Sediment Jasper Gold Copper Bornite Stone Pendant Bead
  • Multi-color Sediment Sea Wrapped Bead Jasper Pendant Bornite Copper Gold Stone Stone Gold Copper Multi-color Jasper Pendant Sediment Bornite Wrapped Sea Bead
  • $5.09
Gold Tone over Silver Multi-Color Cubic Zirconia Channel Set Tennis Bracelet
  • Tone Silver over Gold Bracelet Multi-Color Tennis Channel Zirconia Cubic Set Set Cubic Zirconia Tone Multi-Color Tennis Silver Channel Gold over Bracelet
  • $69.99
925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Real Multi-Color Gemstone Pendant
  • Sterling Gold Silver 925 Plated Gemstone Multi-Color Real Pendant Pendant Real Multi-Color Sterling Plated Gold Gemstone 925 Silver
  • $53.99
18k Yellow Gold Multi-Gemstone Artisan Style Beaded Necklace 18
  • Yellow Multi-Gemstone Gold 18k Artisan Necklace Beaded Style 18" 18" Style Beaded Yellow Artisan Multi-Gemstone Necklace 18k Gold
  • $699.99
Multi-Color Charm 5 mm & 10 mm Gemstone 7
  • Charm mm 5 Multi-Color Yellow Gold Lock & Bracelet,14k Gemstone Lobster mm 10 7" 7" Lobster 10 mm Charm & Lock Bracelet,14k Gold mm Gemstone Multi-Color 5 Yellow
  • $269.00
Multi-Color Gemstone Bracelet ,14k Yellow Gold Lobster Lock, 8
  • Gemstone ,14k Bracelet Multi-Color Long Yellow " Lock, Lobster Gold 8 8 Gold Lobster Gemstone Yellow " ,14k Lock, Multi-Color Bracelet Long
  • $275.00
925 Sterling Silver Gold-Plated Multi-Color Gemstone Heart Pendant
  • Sterling Gold-Plated Silver 925 Multi-Color Pendant Heart Gemstone Gemstone Heart Sterling Multi-Color Gold-Plated Pendant 925 Silver
  • $17.99
Multi-Color Charm 5 mm & 10 mm Gemstone 8
  • Charm mm 5 Multi-Color Yellow Gold Lock & Bracelet,14k Gemstone Lobster mm 10 8" 8" Lobster 10 mm Charm & Lock Bracelet,14k Gold mm Gemstone Multi-Color 5 Yellow
  • $295.00
Sexy Dangle Gold Tone Multi Color Crystal Gems Anklet Ankle Bracelet Adjustable
  • Dangle Tone Gold Sexy Bracelet Adjustable Multi Ankle Gems Crystal Color Anklet Anklet Color Crystal Dangle Multi Ankle Adjustable Tone Gems Sexy Gold Bracelet
  • $10.99
Multi Color Gemstones By The Yard 24 Inch,14K White Gold
  • Color By Gemstones Multi The Gold Inch,14K 24 Yard White White Yard 24 Color The Gold By Inch,14K Multi Gemstones
  • $299.00
Multi Color Gemstone Tennis Infinity Bracelet 7 3/8 in Yellow Gold over Sterl...
  • Color Tennis Gemstone Multi Gold over Infinity Yellow 3/8 Sterl... 7 Bracelet in in Sterl... Bracelet 7 Color Infinity Yellow over Tennis 3/8 Multi Gemstone Gold
  • $65.00
Beautiful Faceted Multi Color Gemstone Pear Briolette Dangle Station Yellow Gold
  • Faceted Color Multi Beautiful Gold Gemstone Yellow Dangle Briolette Pear Station Station Pear Briolette Faceted Gemstone Yellow Color Dangle Beautiful Multi Gold
  • $157.90
14k White Gold Multi-gemstone Necklace
  • White Multi-gemstone Gold 14k Necklace White Necklace Multi-gemstone 14k Gold
  • $359.99
Elegant 14k Yellow Gold Multi Color Stone Fancy Shape Bezel Set Necklace
  • 14k Gold Yellow Elegant Set Necklace Multi Bezel Fancy Stone Color Shape Shape Color Stone 14k Multi Bezel Necklace Gold Fancy Elegant Yellow Set
  • $198.00
Multi Color Faceted Smooth Rondelle Hematite Gemstone Spacer Beads Strand 15.5
  • Color Smooth Faceted Multi 15.5" Rondelle Strand Spacer Gemstone Hematite Beads Beads Hematite Gemstone Color Rondelle Strand Smooth Spacer Multi Faceted 15.5"
  • $3.49
Gold Multi Color Gem