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Spyderco C10FPNBD Endura KnifeJoy Exclusive KJ Steel Blue FRN Damascus Knife
  • C10FPNBD KnifeJoy Endura Spyderco Knife Exclusive Damascus Blue Steel KJ FRN FRN KJ Steel C10FPNBD Exclusive Damascus KnifeJoy Blue Spyderco Endura Knife
  • $99.75
(RARE) 1997 SPYDERCO ENDURA CLIPIT Folding Knife Seki City
  • 1997 ENDURA SPYDERCO (RARE) CLIPIT Seki Knife Folding City City Folding Knife 1997 CLIPIT ENDURA Seki (RARE) SPYDERCO
  • $59.99
Spyderco Endura 4 Knife: 3-3/4 inch Flat Ground VG10 Blade and Blue FRN Scales
  • Endura Knife: 4 Spyderco and Blue Scales 3-3/4 Blade Ground FRN Flat inch VG10 VG10 FRN inch Flat Endura 3-3/4 Scales Blade Blue Knife: Ground Spyderco 4 and
  • $49.77
Spyderco Endura 4 Folding Pocket Knife, 3-7/8
  • Endura Folding 4 Spyderco - C10TIPD Pocket Blade Damascus 3-7/8" Knife, Titanium Titanium Knife, 3-7/8" Endura Pocket Blade C10TIPD Folding Damascus Spyderco 4 -
  • $186.59
Spyderco Endura 4 ~ (4) Torx Scale Screws ~ Titanium Blue Screws (
  • Endura ~ 4 Spyderco Blue Screws (4) Titanium Screws ( Scale Torx ~ ~ ( Torx Scale Endura (4) Titanium Screws ~ Screws Spyderco 4 Blue
  • $10.88
Spyderco Endura 4 Lockback Folding Knife FRN Saber-Grind VG-10 Plain Edge C10PBK
  • Endura Lockback 4 Spyderco Edge C10PBK Folding Plain Saber-Grind FRN Knife VG-10 VG-10 Knife FRN Endura Folding Plain C10PBK Lockback Saber-Grind Spyderco 4 Edge
  • $73.13
Spyderco Black Endura 4 C10PSBBK FRN Combo Edge Knife 3 3/4 * VG-10 Black Blade
  • Black 4 Endura Spyderco 3/4 * Black Blade C10PSBBK 3 Edge VG-10 Combo FRN Knife Knife VG-10 FRN Combo Black C10PSBBK Black 3 * Blade 4 Edge Spyderco Endura 3/4
  • $91.00
Spyderco C10FPNBD Endura, Damascus, Blue FRN, knife joy w/collector Number 012
  • C10FPNBD Damascus, Endura, Spyderco 012 Blue Number joy knife FRN, w/collector w/collector FRN, knife C10FPNBD Blue Number Damascus, joy Spyderco Endura, 012
  • $119.00
T6 Torx Screws For Spyderco Pocket Clip Endura 4 FRN Handle Knife - Set Of 3
  • Torx For Screws T6 Handle 3 Knife Set Of Spyderco FRN Endura - Clip Pocket 4 4 - Pocket Clip Torx Spyderco Set FRN Knife 3 Of For Endura T6 Screws Handle
  • $7.99
Spyderco Endura 4 Knife Zome Desert Camo FRN (3.75
  • Endura Knife 4 Spyderco Zome Satin)  FRN Camo Desert (3.75" (3.75" Desert Camo Endura Zome Satin)  Knife FRN Spyderco 4
  • $37.00
G10 Scales Back Spacer for Spyderco Endura 4 Knife Handle Coolhand ED4-J6
  • Scales Spacer Back G10 Coolhand ED4-J6 for Handle 4 Endura Spyderco Knife Knife Spyderco Endura Scales for Handle ED4-J6 Spacer 4 G10 Back Coolhand
  • $60.74
SPYDERCO Endura 4 Emerson VG-10 Seki Japan Knife
  • Endura Emerson 4 SPYDERCO VG-10 Knife Japan Seki Seki Japan Endura VG-10 Emerson Knife SPYDERCO 4
  • $65.00
Spyderco Knife Endura 4 Zome Desert Camo Plain Edge VG-10 C10ZFPDCMO
  • Knife 4 Endura Spyderco C10ZFPDCMO Zome VG-10 Plain Camo Desert Edge Edge Desert Camo Knife Zome VG-10 4 Plain Spyderco Endura C10ZFPDCMO
  • $79.46
Spyderco Endura 4 VG-10 Combo Edge Knife, Black, C10PSBK, Japan
  • Endura VG-10 4 Spyderco Combo Japan Black, Knife, Edge C10PSBK, C10PSBK, Edge Knife, Endura Combo Japan VG-10 Black, Spyderco 4
  • $45.00
Spyderco C10FPWCBK Black Endura 4 Plain Edge Folding Wharncliffe Pocket Knife
  • C10FPWCBK Endura Black Spyderco Knife 4 Pocket Folding Edge Plain Wharncliffe Wharncliffe Plain Edge C10FPWCBK 4 Pocket Endura Folding Spyderco Black Knife
  • $81.25
Black T6 Torx Screws For Spyderco Pocket Clip Endura 4 FRN Handle Knife Set Of 3
  • T6 Screws Torx Black FRN 3 Handle Set Of For 4 Clip Knife Pocket Spyderco Endura Endura Knife Spyderco Pocket T6 For Set 4 Handle 3 Of Screws Clip Black Torx FRN
  • $8.49
Spyderco Endura Folding Knife V-Toku2 Steel Blue FRN Sprint Run C10FPBLE
  • Endura Knife Folding Spyderco C10FPBLE V-Toku2 Run FRN Blue Steel Sprint Sprint Steel Blue Endura V-Toku2 Run Knife FRN Spyderco Folding C10FPBLE
  • $150.00
Spyderco Endura 4 FRN Handle VG-10 Steel Saber Ground Combo Edge Knife C10PSBK
  • Endura FRN 4 Spyderco Edge Knife Handle Combo Saber C10PSBK Steel VG-10 Ground Ground C10PSBK VG-10 Steel Endura Handle Combo Knife FRN Saber Spyderco 4 Edge
  • $81.25
Spyderco KNIFE C10SGR 1990's ENDURA G2 Stainless with FRN Handle SpyderEdge
  • KNIFE 1990's C10SGR Spyderco SpyderEdge ENDURA Handle with Stainless G2 FRN FRN G2 Stainless KNIFE ENDURA Handle 1990's with Spyderco C10SGR SpyderEdge
  • $169.95
G10 Scales Back Spacer for Spyderco Endura 4 Knife Handle Spider Web Texture
  • Scales Spacer Back G10 Spider Web for Handle 4 Texture Endura Spyderco Knife Knife Texture Spyderco Endura Scales for Handle Web Spacer 4 G10 Back Spider
  • $60.74
vintage Spyderco C10PBK Clipit Endura, tactical knife
  • Spyderco Clipit C10PBK vintage Endura, knife tactical tactical knife Spyderco Endura, Clipit vintage C10PBK
  • $90.00
Spyderco Endura 4 Wave Opener Gray FRN Handle VG-10 Plain Edge Knife C10PGYW
  • Endura Wave 4 Spyderco Edge Knife Opener Plain Handle C10PGYW FRN Gray VG-10 VG-10 C10PGYW Gray FRN Endura Opener Plain Knife Wave Handle Spyderco 4 Edge
  • $91.00
Spyderco Endura 4 Folding Knife VG-10 Stainless Steel
  • Endura Folding 4 Spyderco Knife Steel Stainless VG-10 VG-10 Stainless Endura Knife Folding Steel Spyderco 4
  • $41.00
spyderco endura clipit Ats-55 Folding Knife
  • endura Ats-55 clipit spyderco Folding Knife Knife endura Folding Ats-55 spyderco clipit
  • $45.00
Spyderco Endura 4 VG-10 Full Serrated Knife, Seki City & Bonus Mini Spyderco
  • Endura VG-10 4 Spyderco Bonus Mini Full & Seki Spyderco Knife, Serrated City City Spyderco Serrated Knife, Endura Full & Mini VG-10 Seki Spyderco 4 Bonus
  • $50.00
Spyderco Endura 4 Pocket knife Stainless Steel handle Plain Edge Blade C10P
  • Endura Pocket 4 Spyderco Blade C10P knife Edge handle Steel Stainless Plain Plain Stainless Steel Endura knife Edge C10P Pocket handle Spyderco 4 Blade
  • $97.50
leather case for spyderco knives paramilitari endura
  • case spyderco for leather knives endura paramilitari paramilitari endura case knives spyderco leather for
  • $10.70
Spyderco C10FPBORE Endura Burnt Orange Hap 40 Limited Edition Sprint Run Knife
  • C10FPBORE Burnt Endura Spyderco Run Knife Orange Sprint Limited 40 Hap Edition Edition Hap 40 C10FPBORE Orange Sprint Knife Burnt Limited Spyderco Endura Run
  • $139.99
Spyderco Endura Titanium Damascus Knife
  • Endura Damascus Titanium Spyderco Knife Endura Knife Damascus Spyderco Titanium
  • $199.00
Spyderco Endura Pocket knife Flat Ground Blade Orange C10FPOR Plain Edge
  • Endura knife Pocket Spyderco Edge Flat Plain Orange Blade Ground C10FPOR C10FPOR Ground Blade Endura Flat Plain knife Orange Spyderco Pocket Edge
  • $81.25
Translucent Blue T6 Torx Screws For Spyderco Pocket Clip Endura 4 FRN Knife 3pcs
  • Blue Torx T6 Translucent 4 FRN 3pcs Screws Endura Pocket Knife Spyderco For Clip Clip Knife For Spyderco Blue Screws 3pcs Endura FRN Torx Pocket Translucent T6 4
  • $8.99
Spyderco PURPLE Endura Flat Ground Plain Knife C10FPPR
  • PURPLE Flat Endura Spyderco Ground C10FPPR Knife Plain Plain Knife PURPLE Ground Flat C10FPPR Spyderco Endura
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 Flat Ground Knife Orange Handle C10FPOR VG-10 Steel Blade
  • Endura Flat 4 Spyderco Steel Blade Ground VG-10 Handle Orange Knife C10FPOR C10FPOR Knife Orange Endura Ground VG-10 Blade Flat Handle Spyderco 4 Steel
  • $81.25
Blue 3d milled titanium clip  Spyderco Endura  C10P ~  >(NO KNIFE)<
  • 3d titanium milled Blue ~ KNIFE)< clip C10P Endura >(NO Spyderco >(NO Spyderco 3d clip KNIFE)< C10P titanium Endura Blue milled ~
  • $25.88
Spyderco Endura 4 Flat Ground Blue FRN Handle Knife VG-10 C10FPBL
  • Endura Flat 4 Spyderco C10FPBL Ground VG-10 Handle FRN Blue Knife Knife Blue FRN Endura Ground VG-10 Flat Handle Spyderco 4 C10FPBL
  • $81.25
SPYDERCO C10PBK Endura 4 Lockback Knife
  • C10PBK 4 Endura SPYDERCO Lockback Knife Knife C10PBK Lockback 4 SPYDERCO Endura
  • $36.99
SPYDERCO Endura 4 3.75
  • Endura 3.75" 4 SPYDERCO VG-10 Plain Knife Manual Lightweight Blade Folding Folding Blade Lightweight Endura Plain Knife 3.75" Manual SPYDERCO 4 VG-10
  • $12.50
Spyderco Endura 4 knife Full Serrated Edge Black FRN Handle VG10 Steel C10SBK
  • Endura knife 4 Spyderco VG10 Steel Full Handle Black C10SBK Edge Serrated FRN FRN C10SBK Serrated Edge Endura Full Handle Steel knife Black Spyderco 4 VG10
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 Folding Knife (Single, Serrated Blade, Japan)
  • Endura Folding 4 Spyderco Knife Blade, Serrated (Single, Japan) Japan) (Single, Serrated Endura Knife Folding Blade, Spyderco 4
  • $67.49
Spyderco Endura 4 SpyderEdge Folding Knife, VG-10 Serrated Blade #C10SBK
  • Endura SpyderEdge 4 Spyderco Folding #C10SBK Serrated VG-10 Knife, Blade Blade Knife, VG-10 Endura Folding #C10SBK SpyderEdge Serrated Spyderco 4
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 FRN Black Blade Folding Pocket Knife Part Serrated  - C10PSBBK
  • Endura FRN 4 Spyderco Serrated C10PSBBK Black Part Pocket - Folding Blade Knife Knife - Blade Folding Endura Black C10PSBBK Part FRN Pocket Spyderco 4 Serrated
  • $74.95
Spyderco Endura 4 VG-10 Plain Edge Knife, Grey, Japan – NICE!!!
  • Endura VG-10 4 Spyderco NICE!!! Plain – Grey, Knife, Edge Japan Japan Edge Knife, Endura Plain – VG-10 Grey, Spyderco 4 NICE!!!
  • $49.99
Spyderco Endura 4 VG-10 Steel, Plain Edge Knife, Black FRN Handle
  • Endura VG-10 4 Spyderco Handle Steel, FRN Knife, Edge Plain Black Black Plain Edge Endura Steel, FRN VG-10 Knife, Spyderco 4 Handle
  • $69.00
Spyderco Endura Pocket Knife Flat Ground Blade Green FRN Handle C10FPGR Plain
  • Endura Knife Pocket Spyderco C10FPGR Plain Flat Handle Green Blade Ground FRN FRN Ground Blade Endura Flat Handle Plain Knife Green Spyderco Pocket C10FPGR
  • $81.25
Spyderco C10FPWCBK Endura 4 Wharncliffe 3.8
  • C10FPWCBK 4 Endura Spyderco Folder Wharncliffe Pocket Folding Black 3.8" Knife Knife 3.8" Black C10FPWCBK Wharncliffe Pocket 4 Folding Spyderco Endura Folder
  • $81.25
  • $60.00
Original Factory OEM Spyderco Knife Pocket Clip T6 Screws Delica Endura 4 Silver
  • Factory Spyderco OEM Original Endura 4 Knife Delica T6 Silver Clip Pocket Screws Screws Silver Pocket Clip Factory Knife Delica 4 Spyderco T6 Original OEM Endura
  • $22.99
Spyderco Endura 4 Titanium / Damascus Folding Knife C10TIPD, Plain Edge Blade
  • Endura Titanium 4 Spyderco Edge Blade / Plain Knife Folding Damascus C10TIPD, C10TIPD, Damascus Folding Endura / Plain Blade Titanium Knife Spyderco 4 Edge
  • $208.00
Spyderco Endura Knife All Black FRN Handle Part Serrated Blade C10PSBBK NEW
  • Endura All Knife Spyderco C10PSBBK NEW Black Blade Part Handle FRN Serrated Serrated FRN Handle Endura Black Blade NEW All Part Spyderco Knife C10PSBBK
  • $91.00
Spyderco Endura 4 Blue FRN Handle VG-10 Steel Flat Ground Plain Knife C10FPBL
  • Endura Blue 4 Spyderco Plain Knife FRN Ground Steel C10FPBL VG-10 Handle Flat Flat C10FPBL Handle VG-10 Endura FRN Ground Knife Blue Steel Spyderco 4 Plain
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 Blue FRN Folding Knife C10FPBL, VG-10 PlainEdge Blade - Dealer
  • Endura Blue 4 Spyderco Blade - FRN PlainEdge C10FPBL, Dealer Knife Folding VG-10 VG-10 Dealer Folding Knife Endura FRN PlainEdge - Blue C10FPBL, Spyderco 4 Blade
  • $81.25
Spyderco C10S Stainless Endura 4 Serrated Folding Knife
  • C10S Endura Stainless Spyderco 4 Knife Folding Serrated Serrated Folding C10S 4 Endura Knife Spyderco Stainless
  • $97.50
Spyderco Endura Flat Ground Knife Brown FRN Handle C10FPBN Plain
  • Endura Ground Flat Spyderco Knife Plain Handle FRN Brown C10FPBN C10FPBN Brown FRN Endura Knife Plain Ground Handle Spyderco Flat
  • $81.25
  • "Japan" C10PBK - SPYDERCO Blade FRN Endura VG-10 Knife Handle lockback 4 3.75" 3.75" Handle 4 lockback "Japan" Endura VG-10 FRN C10PBK Knife SPYDERCO - Blade
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 Knife Part Serrated Gray FRN Handle C10PSBK
  • Endura Knife 4 Spyderco Part C10PSBK FRN Gray Serrated Handle Handle Serrated Gray Endura Part C10PSBK Knife FRN Spyderco 4
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura Pocket Knife Flat Ground VG10 Blade Blue C10FPBL Plain edge
  • Endura Knife Pocket Spyderco Plain edge Flat C10FPBL Blade VG10 Ground Blue Blue Ground VG10 Endura Flat C10FPBL edge Knife Blade Spyderco Pocket Plain
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura Flat Ground Knife Purple C10FPPR Plain
  • Endura Ground Flat Spyderco Knife Plain C10FPPR Purple Purple C10FPPR Endura Knife Ground Plain Spyderco Flat
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura Wharncliffe C10FSWCBK Folding Knife, Serrated Edge Blade -Dealer
  • Endura C10FSWCBK Wharncliffe Spyderco Folding -Dealer Edge Serrated Knife, Blade Blade Knife, Serrated Endura Folding -Dealer C10FSWCBK Edge Spyderco Wharncliffe
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura Wharncliffe C10FPWCBK Folding Knife, Plain Edge Blade - Dealer
  • Endura C10FPWCBK Wharncliffe Spyderco Dealer Folding - Edge Plain Knife, Blade Blade Knife, Plain Endura Folding - C10FPWCBK Edge Spyderco Wharncliffe Dealer
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 Knife 3.8
  • Endura Knife 4 Spyderco Green FRN 3.8" Blade VG10 Handle Serrated Part Steel Steel Handle Part Serrated Endura 3.8" Blade FRN Knife VG10 Spyderco 4 Green
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 Folding Knife 3.8
  • Endura Folding 4 Spyderco Black FRN Knife Blade VG10 Handle Serrated 3.8" Steel Steel Handle 3.8" Serrated Endura Knife Blade FRN Folding VG10 Spyderco 4 Black
  • $81.25
Vintage 90s Spyderco Clipit Endura Knife G-2 Full Serrated Seki-City Japan
  • 90s Clipit Spyderco Vintage Japan Endura Seki-City Full G-2 Knife Serrated Serrated Knife G-2 90s Endura Seki-City Clipit Full Vintage Spyderco Japan
  • $29.95
Spyderco Endura 4 Flat Ground Plain Edge Knife C10FPBK
  • Endura Flat 4 Spyderco Ground Knife Edge Plain C10FPBK C10FPBK Plain Edge Endura Ground Flat Knife Spyderco 4
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura AUS-8 Seki-City Japan Single (1) Lock Blade Folding Pocket Knife
  • Endura Seki-City AUS-8 Spyderco Pocket Knife Japan Folding Lock (1) Single Blade Blade Single (1) Endura Japan Folding Knife Seki-City Lock Spyderco AUS-8 Pocket
  • $59.95
Spyderco Endura 4 Lockback Folding Knife FRN Saber-Grind VG-10 Serrated C10SBK
  • Endura Lockback 4 Spyderco C10SBK Folding Serrated Saber-Grind FRN Knife VG-10 VG-10 Knife FRN Endura Folding Serrated Lockback Saber-Grind Spyderco 4 C10SBK
  • $81.25
Spyderco C10PGRE Endura 4 Plain Edge Zdp-189 Knife
  • C10PGRE 4 Endura Spyderco Plain Knife Zdp-189 Edge Edge Zdp-189 C10PGRE Plain 4 Knife Spyderco Endura
  • $120.25
Spyderco C10PSFG Foliage Green Endura 4 Combo Knife
  • C10PSFG Green Foliage Spyderco Endura Knife Combo 4 4 Combo C10PSFG Endura Green Knife Spyderco Foliage
  • $81.25
Spyderco BLUE Endura Flat Ground Plain Knife C10FPBL
  • BLUE Flat Endura Spyderco Ground C10FPBL Knife Plain Plain Knife BLUE Ground Flat C10FPBL Spyderco Endura
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 Green FRN Handle VG-10 Flat Ground Plain Edge Knife C10FPGR
  • Endura Green 4 Spyderco Edge Knife FRN Plain Flat C10FPGR VG-10 Handle Ground Ground C10FPGR Handle VG-10 Endura FRN Plain Knife Green Flat Spyderco 4 Edge
  • $81.25
Spyderco C10PGYW Gray FRN Endura 4 Plain Wave Knife
  • C10PGYW FRN Gray Spyderco Endura Wave Plain 4 Knife Knife 4 Plain C10PGYW Endura FRN Wave Spyderco Gray
  • $91.00
Spyderco Endura 4 Lightweight Knife 3.8
  • Endura Lightweight 4 Spyderco Green FRN Knife Blade Flat Handle VG10 3.8" Ground Ground Handle 3.8" VG10 Endura Knife Blade FRN Lightweight Flat Spyderco 4 Green
  • $81.25
Spyderco Endura 4 Orange FRN Handle VG-10 Flat Ground Plain Edge Knife C10FPOR
  • Endura Orange 4 Spyderco Edge Knife FRN Plain Flat C10FPOR VG-10 Handle Ground Ground C10FPOR Handle VG-10 Endura FRN Plain Knife Orange Flat Spyderco 4 Edge
  • $81.25
Spyderco Knife Endura Knife