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4.73LB 11.4
  • 11.4" Natural Ocean Jasper Quartz Crystal Point Tower Polished Healing 4.73LB 11.4" 4.73LB Natural Ocean Jasper Quartz Crystal Point Tower Polished Healing
  • $22.50
Tourmaline Black in Quartz Crystals 70 grams 3 piece lot Brazil
  • Black Quartz in Tourmaline Brazil Crystals lot 3 grams 70 piece piece 70 grams Black Crystals lot Quartz 3 Tourmaline in Brazil
  • $9.99
Wholesale 200g Bulk Small Points Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Reiki Mineral Wand
  • 200g Small Bulk Wholesale Mineral Wand Points Reiki Crystal Quartz Clear Healing Healing Clear Quartz 200g Points Reiki Wand Small Crystal Wholesale Bulk Mineral
  • $6.59
1/4 lb Bulk Lot Natural Rough Rose Quartz Crystals (Raw Reiki Love Healing 4 oz)
  • lb Lot Bulk 1/4 Reiki Love 4 oz) Natural (Raw Quartz Healing Rose Rough Crystals Crystals Healing Rough Rose lb Natural 4 (Raw Love oz) Lot Quartz 1/4 Bulk Reiki
  • $6.25
3 Crystal Collection 1/2 Lb Lots Natural Points Amethyst Citrine
  • Crystal 1/2 Collection 3 Lb Citrine Points Natural Lots Amethyst Amethyst Lots Natural Crystal Lb Citrine 1/2 Points 3 Collection
  • $19.95
Clear Quartz Crystal Point (3
  • Quartz Point Crystal Clear Reiki Healing (3" Specimen, Natural 4") - Wand Wand - 4") Quartz (3" Specimen, Healing Point Natural Clear Crystal Reiki
  • $8.95
1000 Carat Lot Bulk Mixed Crafters Gems Crystal Natural Rough Raw Mineral Rocks
  • Carat Bulk Lot 1000 Raw Mineral Mixed Rough Crystal Rocks Gems Crafters Natural Natural Rocks Crafters Gems Carat Mixed Rough Mineral Bulk Crystal 1000 Lot Raw
  • $9.95
10Pcs Natural Ghost Phantom Quartz Crystal Specimen Healing Water Drop Pendant
  • Natural Phantom Ghost 10Pcs Pendant Quartz Drop Healing Specimen Crystal Water Water Crystal Specimen Natural Quartz Drop Phantom Healing 10Pcs Ghost Pendant
  • $10.63
1/4 lb Lots Wholesale Bulk Tumbled Stones: Choose Type (Crystal Healing, 4 oz)
  • lb Wholesale Lots 1/4 Healing, 4 Bulk (Crystal Choose oz) Stones: Tumbled Type Type oz) Tumbled Stones: lb Bulk (Crystal 4 Wholesale Choose 1/4 Lots Healing,
  • $7.65
Quartz Crystal Collection 1/2 Lb Natural Clear Points Brazil
  • Crystal 1/2 Collection Quartz Lb Points Clear Natural Brazil Brazil Natural Clear Crystal Lb 1/2 Points Quartz Collection
  • $18.95
  • $6.95
Natural Fluorite Crystal Fluorite Rainbow Quartz Decor Gift Healing Wand Stone
  • Fluorite Fluorite Crystal Natural Stone Rainbow Wand Gift Decor Quartz Healing Healing Quartz Decor Fluorite Rainbow Wand Fluorite Gift Natural Crystal Stone
  • $7.49
Wholesale CLEARANCE Lot 500 Carat Rough Natural Quartz Crystal Points
  • CLEARANCE 500 Lot Wholesale Carat Points Quartz Natural Rough Crystal Crystal Rough Natural CLEARANCE Carat Points 500 Quartz Wholesale Lot
  • $6.25
Natural Rock Rose Quartz Crystal Point Healing Stone Obelisk Wand Pink 40-100MM
  • Rock Quartz Rose Natural Pink 40-100MM Crystal Wand Stone Healing Point Obelisk Obelisk Point Healing Rock Crystal Wand 40-100MM Quartz Stone Natural Rose Pink
  • $7.69
Natural Yellow Crystal Quartz Citrine Cluster Mineral Specimen Healing 1PC
  • Yellow Quartz Crystal Natural Citrine 1PC Specimen Mineral Cluster Healing Healing Cluster Mineral Yellow Citrine 1PC Quartz Specimen Natural Crystal
  • $11.59
  • $5.31
500 Carat Bulk Mixed Amethyst + Citrine + Smokey + Clear Quartz Crystal Points
  • Carat Mixed Bulk 500 Clear Quartz Points Amethyst + + Crystal Citrine + Smokey Smokey Crystal + Citrine Carat Amethyst Points + Quartz Mixed + 500 Bulk Clear
  • $8.99
Smoky Quartz Crystal Geode (3 - 5 oz) Natural Cluster Druze Specimen
  • Quartz Geode Crystal Smoky Druze Specimen (3 Cluster oz) 5 - Natural Natural - 5 Quartz (3 Cluster Specimen Geode oz) Smoky Crystal Druze
  • $10.95
100mm 4
  • 4" Crystal Clear 100mm Sphere OK Ball Healing Round Natural Photographic Quartz Quartz Photographic Natural 4" Ball Healing OK Crystal Round 100mm Clear Sphere
  • $13.89
Large Smoky Quartz Crystal Geode (6 - 9 oz) Natural Cluster Druze Specimen
  • Smoky Crystal Quartz Large Cluster Druze Geode Natural 9 Specimen - (6 oz) oz) Specimen (6 - Smoky Geode Natural Druze Crystal 9 Large Quartz Cluster
  • $15.95
Amethyst Geode Druzy Crystal Quartz Cluster Natural Specimen: You Choose Size!
  • Geode Crystal Druzy Amethyst Size! Quartz Choose Specimen: Natural Cluster You You Cluster Natural Geode Quartz Choose Crystal Specimen: Amethyst Druzy Size!
  • $9.95
Large Clear Quartz Crystal Point (4
  • Clear Crystal Quartz Large Specimen, Reiki Point Wand 6") Healing - (4" Natural Natural Healing (4" - Clear Point Wand Reiki Crystal 6") Large Quartz Specimen,
  • $15.99
1000 Carat Lot Natural Clear Quartz Points (30 - 40 Crystals) Reiki Healing Wand
  • Carat Natural Lot 1000 Crystals) Reiki Wand Clear 40 (30 Healing Points Quartz - - Healing Quartz Points Carat Clear Wand 40 Reiki Natural (30 1000 Lot Crystals)
  • $10.49
CLEARANCE Bulk Lot 2 lb Rough Natural Quartz Crystal 4500 Carats Clear Points
  • Bulk 2 Lot CLEARANCE Carats Clear lb 4500 Quartz Points Natural Rough Crystal Crystal Points Rough Natural Bulk lb 4500 Clear 2 Quartz CLEARANCE Lot Carats
  • $21.99
Rough Natural + Tumbled Stone Set: You Choose (Raw Gem Crystal Healing Rock)
  • Natural Tumbled + Rough Crystal Healing Stone Gem Choose Rock) You Set: (Raw (Raw Rock) Set: You Natural Stone Gem Healing Tumbled Choose Rough + Crystal
  • $5.99
Rough Rose Quartz Stones 1/2 lb Lot Zentron™ Crystals
  • Rose Stones Quartz Rough 1/2 Zentron™ Lot lb Crystals Crystals lb Lot Rose 1/2 Stones Zentron™ Rough Quartz
  • $8.95
Quartz Crystal 1/4 Lb Lots Natural Clear Small Needle Points
  • Crystal Lb 1/4 Quartz Lots Points Small Clear Natural Needle Needle Natural Clear Crystal Lots Points Lb Small Quartz 1/4
  • $9.95
Natural Blue Purple Crystal Quartz Citrine Cluster Mineral Specimen Healing New
  • Blue Crystal Purple Natural New Quartz Healing Mineral Cluster Citrine Specimen Specimen Citrine Cluster Blue Quartz Healing Crystal Mineral Natural Purple New
  • $11.58
Chakra Gemstone Set Natural Rough Raw Rock Stone Specimen Crystal Healing Energy
  • Gemstone Natural Set Chakra Healing Energy Rough Crystal Stone Rock Raw Specimen Specimen Raw Rock Gemstone Rough Crystal Energy Natural Stone Chakra Set Healing
  • $9.99
500 Carat Bulk Wholesale Lot Natural Rough Black Tourmaline Stones Rock Crystal
  • Carat Wholesale Bulk 500 Rock Crystal Lot Stones Black Rough Natural Tourmaline Tourmaline Natural Rough Carat Lot Stones Crystal Wholesale Black 500 Bulk Rock
  • $6.90
Rare Natural Healing Quartz Wand Dream Amethyst Crystal Points Cure Gemstone
  • Natural Quartz Healing Rare Gemstone Wand Cure Crystal Amethyst Dream Points Points Dream Amethyst Natural Wand Cure Quartz Crystal Rare Healing Gemstone
  • $6.43
500 Carat Bulk Lot Natural Rough  Fluorite (Raw Crystal Rock Healing 100 Grams)
  • Carat Lot Bulk 500 Rock Healing Grams) Natural Crystal Fluorite 100 Rough (Raw (Raw 100 Rough Carat Natural Grams) Crystal Healing Lot Fluorite 500 Bulk Rock
  • $7.50
500 Carat Lot Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Points Wand US Seller (100 Gram)
  • Carat Natural Lot 500 Seller (100 Clear US Points Gram) Crystal Quartz Wand Wand Gram) Quartz Crystal Carat Clear US (100 Natural Points 500 Lot Seller
  • $6.89
US Natural Clear Crystal Quartz Citrine Cluster Mineral Specimen Healing Stone
  • Natural Crystal Clear US Stone Quartz Healing Mineral Cluster Citrine Specimen Specimen Citrine Cluster Natural Quartz Healing Crystal Mineral US Clear Stone
  • $8.92
1/4 lb Black Tourmaline Raw Rough Stones + LARGE Clear Quartz Crystal Point 4 oz
  • lb Tourmaline Black 1/4 Quartz Crystal 4 oz Raw Clear + Point Stones Rough LARGE LARGE Point Rough Stones lb Raw 4 Clear Crystal oz Tourmaline + 1/4 Black Quartz
  • $7.98
50 Break Your Own Geodes Quartz Crystals Bulk Pack - Whole Moroccan 1.5
  • Break Own Your 50 Whole Moroccan Geodes - Bulk 1.5" Crystals Quartz Pack Pack 1.5" Quartz Crystals Break Geodes - Moroccan Own Bulk 50 Your Whole
  • $24.95
Large Clear Quartz Crystal Point (70-90mm) Natural Wand Specimen, Reiki Healing
  • Clear Crystal Quartz Large Healing Point Reiki Wand Natural (70-90mm) Specimen, Specimen, (70-90mm) Natural Clear Point Reiki Crystal Wand Large Quartz Healing
  • $9.98
Natural Citrine Amethyst Crystal Quartz Cluster Gem Stone Healing Specimen
  • Citrine Crystal Amethyst Natural Quartz Specimen Stone Gem Cluster Healing Healing Cluster Gem Citrine Quartz Specimen Crystal Stone Natural Amethyst
  • $10.25
Natural Rock Rose Quartz Crystal Point Healing Stone Obelisk Wand Pink 40-10
  • Rock Quartz Rose Natural Pink 40-10 Crystal Wand Stone Healing Point Obelisk Obelisk Point Healing Rock Crystal Wand 40-10 Quartz Stone Natural Rose Pink
  • $5.49
Wholesale 1lb Bulk Small Points Raw Quartz Crystal Healing Reiki Mineral Wand
  • 1lb Small Bulk Wholesale Mineral Wand Points Reiki Crystal Quartz Raw Healing Healing Raw Quartz 1lb Points Reiki Wand Small Crystal Wholesale Bulk Mineral
  • $11.58
500 Carat Lot Natural Rough Rose Quartz Crystals (Raw Love Stone, 100 Grams)
  • Carat Natural Lot 500 Stone, 100 Rough Love Crystals Grams) Quartz Rose (Raw (Raw Grams) Rose Quartz Carat Rough Love 100 Natural Crystals 500 Lot Stone,
  • $5.99
Single LARGE Rough Rose Quartz Raw Crystal Love Stone Natural Specimen (2
  • LARGE Rose Rough Single Specimen (2"- Quartz Natural Love Crystal Raw Stone Stone Raw Crystal LARGE Quartz Natural (2"- Rose Love Single Rough Specimen
  • $5.50
Large Amethyst Cluster Geode Crystal Quartz Cut Base Amethyst Specimen Uruguay #
  • Amethyst Geode Cluster Large Uruguay # Crystal Specimen Base Cut Quartz Amethyst Amethyst Quartz Cut Amethyst Crystal Specimen # Geode Base Large Cluster Uruguay
  • $26.34
Citrine Amethyst Clear Quartz Crystal Clusters: 3 Piece Lot (Druze Specimen)
  • Amethyst Quartz Clear Citrine Specimen) Crystal (Druze Piece 3 Clusters: Lot Lot Clusters: 3 Amethyst Crystal (Druze Quartz Piece Citrine Clear Specimen)
  • $13.95
12pc 12 colors Small Natural Quartz Crystal Skull Carving Reiki Healing Stone US
  • 12 Small colors 12pc Healing Stone Natural Reiki Skull US Crystal Quartz Carving Carving US Quartz Crystal 12 Natural Reiki Stone Small Skull 12pc colors Healing
  • $22.99
500 Carat Bulk Mix Amethyst + Citrine + Clear Quartz Crystal Points Collection
  • Carat Mix Bulk 500 Crystal Points Amethyst Quartz + Collection Citrine + Clear Clear Collection + Citrine Carat Amethyst Quartz Points Mix + 500 Bulk Crystal
  • $7.90